Ethics and Sustainability


Our intimates are made by a lovely team in Melbourne that is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA). ECA is an accreditation body that collaborates with textile, footwear, and clothing businesses to ensure safe working conditions and fair wages. 


At Anahi Intimates we have selected each material carefully with our environment in mind. We have chosen to work with materials that provide the most sustainable option while maintaining the highest quality and durability. As more advancements are made in the industry we are committed to improving in any way we can.

All materials we work with are vegan friendly, and where possible we work with suppliers that demonstrate certifications to ensure environmental and ethical working standards. 

These include:


The cotton lining in our garments is produced in Australia from Indian cotton grown without the use of pesticides and synthetic growth regulators and is 100% GOTS certified. The Australian production of the fabric is ECA certified. We have also used organic GOTS cotton for our labels which are ethically made in India. 


The thread used in our garments is made from 100% recycled polyester from post consumer waste, and is GRS certified.


Our laces and mesh are remnant fabrics manufactured in Italy at a facility that is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Oeko-Tex STeP certified. These fabrics we use are made with the following fibres:

We use ROICA™ Eco Smart elastane that is GRS certified. The production of this elastane uses polymer science to repurpose up to 50% pre-consumer industrial waste.  This elastane requires less water to produce and has better dye uptake in fabric production due to its lower oil content, contributing to reduced waste and more energy savings.  

The Q-NOVA recycled nylon we use is made from at least 99% regenerated raw materials that would have otherwise been wasted in the textile manufacturing industry. The production of Q-NOVA recycled nylon utilises an innovative mechanical regeneration system which does not involve using chemical materials which would detract from the sustainability of the end product. Compared to polyamide yarn coming from a virgin polymer, Q-NOVA nylon emits 47% less Co2 and requires 39% less water to produce. Q-Nova is both GRS and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified. 


We source our elastic from Japan through a trusted Australian supplier. This is an aspect of our designs that we are still searching to find a more eco-friendly replacement. In the mean time we have designed pieces that require minimal elastic binding while keeping them comfortable. 


All bra strap adjusters and rings are made using coated nickel and are thus 100% plastic free. Nickel is stronger and more durable than plastic for lingerie and can be infinitely recycled without loss of quality. All nickel parts are made in Japan.


The environmental impact of every detail down to the tissue paper, stickers and mailer bags has been considered. We proudly partner with No Issue to supply our tissue paper, stickers, and thank you cards which are FSC certified, acid free and printed with soy ink. These have been designed to be reused, recycled, or composted at home.

Our products are delivered in Jiffy padded mailers which are made from 100% recycled paper, including the fibre interior which adds extra protection throughout the shipping cycle. These durable mailers can easily be reused or recycled at home.


We ship our products with Australia Post, which have committed to carbon neutral delivery for businesses, offsetting the emissions of every package we send. 


Our intimates are made by Sample Room in Melbourne. This means that we don’t have to ship our finished delicates back to Australia and production isn’t contracted out to third-party factories that might not share our ethical and environmental standards. 

We are dedicated to creating pieces that are intentional, sustainable and high quality and in order to deliver all three, small, slow batches is the only way possible. Working in small batches also allows us to continue to improve and develop collections that are better suited to you and the planet. Our talented production team minimises waste by maximising the number of pieces that can be cut out of a given piece of fabric. Any offcuts that remain are collected for recycling.

We are on a journey continuously looking to improve our sustainability practices. Although we are not perfect, we are committed to always finding the best options available. If you have any ideas that could help us on this journey, we would love to hear them!